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Resurrecting Carrie!  

Check out this behind the scenes look at the MCC Theater's revival of Carrie the Musical.


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Letter to the Editor of the NY Times from the Chairman of MCC Theater

But we believed that MCC Theater was creating a new work out of old cloth. Our intent was to give “Carrie” a second chance as a serious work and to introduce new young talent. It was a risk that we are proud to have taken. It was not a commercial venture.

Well said.

Read the whole article here.


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Photos From Carrie, the Musical's Cast Recording

MCC Theater posted some pictures of the cast of Carrie the Musical recording their album of songs from the play.

Carrie got its long-awaited first-ever official cast recording yesterday when the incredible cast of MCC’s revised production of the legendary (notorious? misunderstood?) musical assembled at MSR Studios in the Broadway district to lay down tracks for the upcoming Ghostlight/Sh-K-Boom release.

It was a long day of work (13 hours!), but it was a thrill from start to finish. Lots of bagels, sandwiches, plenty of liquids, and yes, junk food, were consumed, but the driving energy came from the historic event itself. Everyone was on a cloud. And the cast nailed it! Fittingly, the last track laid down was “When There’s No One” and Marin Mazzie TURNED IT OUT! We’ll have to wait a few months for the album release, but trust us: it’s going to be worth it! Stay tuned…

Check them out here.


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Carrie the Musical Closing Early

According to Broadway.com:

The MCC revival of Carrie will shutter off-Broadway on April 8. The reimagined production, directed by Stafford Arima and starring Tony nominee Marin Mazzie and Molly Ranson, was initially extended through April 22. The production officially opened on March 1 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre, and will have played 34 previews and 46 regular performances at the time of closing.

At least they sold out their inital run and had a few extra days.  I'd call that a success, even with mixed reviews.  Again, Jen and I enjoyed it very much.


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Reviews of Carrie, the Musical

Lots of reviews out this morning for Carrie, the Musical.

"Yet there is something precious, if small, at the center of “Carrie,” to be found in the chiseled operatic pieces written for Margaret, Carrie’s mother. In keeping with the show’s willfully humdrum tone, Ms. Mazzie (“Ragtime,” “Kiss Me, Kate”) at first seems like your average strict but caring mom. But when she sings, in a pure fire-edged soprano, an intensity emerges that shades into something more sinister. And the line between fierce maternal solicitude and obsessive, homicidal madness blurs in ways that take you by surprise.

Still, it’s hard to imagine this defanged “Carrie” ever raising your blood pressure, or even making your flesh crawl."  New York Times

"What the show has going for it is the evocative source material, but in stripping the story of its camp value Arima and his team have also robbed it of any sense of fun."  Entertainment Weekly

"The MCC Theater's sincere and dead-serious production -- reduced and rethought with strange dignity by director Stafford Arima -- has just enough bubblegum pop and heartfelt shock appeal to be a sort of "Grease" for the post-Columbine generation. With its revenge-of-the-outcast message and its shriek-show gothic story, the former joke of a musical about a bullied teen with telekinetic powers now feels like a bonanza for the high-school thespian market."  Newsday

"In an effort to make the show connect with awkward-age teens, it’s been watered down and robbed of all the distinctive qualities that made it “terrifyingly lyrical” onscreen (in the words of Pauline Kael) and ludicrously lurid on Broadway."  Hollywood Reporter

"But while the high school hijinx are still not persuasively pulled off, there's enough workable stuff in this horror musical to make it a non-horror.

It's never going to be a classic, but those who wished they'd gone the Xanadu route and camped up the material might be pleasantly (or rather, unpleasantly) surprised."  The Village Voice

"The best thing that will come out of this revised “Carrie” would be a cast album; one was never made. There are 17 songs here, almost all with banal lyrics, but most with pleasing tunes. A cast recording will be “Carrie”‘s revenge."  The Faster Times, New York Theater

"A sensational Marin Mazzie depicts the maddening Margaret with scary emotional intensity and sings the blazes out of her combustible arias. Sweet and touching in the pivotal role of Carrie, newcomer Molly Ranson sympathetically suggests a telekinetic Molly Ringwald, especially when she blossoms in pink at the prom. Their mother-daughter encounters strike dramatic sparks that heat up the action.

This vastly improved version of “Carrie” remains a madly feverish musical that’s too weird for Broadway consumption, but might well find a future niche at New World Stages or another smaller venue where such paranormal goings-on will appeal to viewers eager for an offbeat thrill ride."  New Jersey Newsroom

Some good, some bad.  Typical of most adaptations (movie, play or otherwise) of King's material.

For Discordia 19's review check here.

For all our Carrie, the Musical coverage head over here.


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