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Discordia 19 Podcast Episode 8

Recorded on May 23rd, 2012

The Lawnmower Man on TV, Carrie cast, Doctor Sleep, The Dark Tower Movies, Tax Stephen King and Mondo's Ghost Brothers Review.


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The Discordia 19 Podcast Episode 8


The Lawnmower Man Television Series

From moviehole.net:

Word from Cannes is that a TV series inspired by the Stephen King yarn “The Lawnmower Man” – previously adapted for the screen in 1992 by way of a Brett Leonard co-written & directed picture- is in development.

Park Entertainment are packaging 26 one-hour episodes of a show that, like the two “Lawnmower Man” features that preceded it, will combine live-action and some rather state-of-the-art special and visual effects.

Neither movie was very good IMHO, there are at ton of other King stories that I'd rather see adapted to the screen.  All of this rebooting of movies is getting a little old.

No timetable yet on release.  For the rest of the article head to Moviehole.net.


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