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Stephen King Dollar Baby Film Festival

From Sean Lealos:

The final lineup has been decided for the Stephen King dollar babies screenings at the 2013 Comicpalooza Texas International Comic Con. There will be three screenings, spread over the three days of the convention, from May 24-26.

Lawnmower Man by James Gonis
Last Rung on the Ladder by Jim Cole
Boogeyman by Jeff Schiro
Flowers for Norma by Juan Reinoso
In the Deathroom by Damon Vinyard
Night Surf by Peter Sullivan
Home Delivery by Elio Quiroga


Grey Matter by James Cox
All That You Love Will be Carried Away by James Renner
Maxwell Edison by Warren Ray
A Very Tight Place by Derek Simon
Paranoid by Jay Holben
I Know What You Need by Shawn Lealos
Umney’s Last Case by Rodney Altman


Lucky Quarter by Robert Cochrane
My Pretty Pony by Mikhail Tank
Willa by Mikhail Tank
Cain Rose Up by Jeven Dovey
Strawberry Spring be Doveed Linder
Everything’s Eventual by JP Scott

Times are to be determined.

Also appearing at Comicpalooza are numerous members of the various “Battlestar Galactica” television series, including Edward James Olmos, Dirk Benedict and more.  For comic book fans, legends Bob Layton and Chris Claremont will also be in attendance.
More info at comicpallooza.com.

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Adaptation of One For the Road Accepted into the Cannes Film Festival

From Fangoria:

The 'SALEM'S LOT companion piece, produced by Tim Sullivan (2001 MANIACS), with original music by FANGORIA editor Chris Alexander, is headed to the south of France.

Directed by Paul Ward and starring PHANTASM's Reggie Bannister, the short film is adapted from a short story by King that takes place years after the events of 'SALEM'S LOT. The tale is narrated by Booth, a resident of a town neighboring Jersualem's Lot, as he recounts as he and bar owner Herb attempted to save a motorist and his family stuck in a blizzard in the despair-ridden Lot. Naturally, vampires are afoot. 

One for the Road will screen in May 2012 at Cannes.

This is the first I'm hearing about the film, but it seems like it's been screening in Europe and other places for a while now.

The official music video for the film:

Theres a ton more info at their official Facebook page HERE.


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The Boogeyman to be Adapted as a Dollar Baby

Filmaker Tommy Golden is currently shooting a Dollar Baby adaptation of The Boogeyman from Nightshift.

Being a local film maker is not easy and not cheap, but in the long run it is well worth it said Golden. He explains that getting the rights to film the on screen adaptation began in late September and was completed in mid December. After acquiring the rights to the story Golden moved to the next step of the process which was getting the perfect location.

No info on the release date.

The Dollar Baby program has been established by King to allow independent films made from his stories.  He charges only one dollar for the rights.

For the whole article check here.


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The Death of Jack Hamilton

Image courtesy of The York Press

Jamie Anderson will be directing and co-writing the Stephen King short story The Death of Jack Hamilton.  He is currently raising funding for his film and will shoot in and around York.  The film will be part of King's Dollar Baby program.  He's hoping to screen it at a festival in LA and possibly the Insomina Festival in Barcelona.

Mr Anderson said: “We’ve raised about £2,000 for the film, but we’re another three months or so away from filming, so we’re hoping to raise about £5,000 in total. The first shoot will take place in York, hopefully, although we are still in the process of securing free studio space in the city. With this being an independent production, we require as much support as possible from the general public and local businesses.”

For more info check out the article from The York Press.


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Director Christopher Birk on Adapting Willa

Picture Courtesy of Christopherbirk.com

Matt over at the SK Fancast got the opportunity to interview Christopher Birk about his adaptation of Willa, a short story from Just After Sunset.

CB: I think I discovered, weeks after reading it for the first and second time, that I wanted to learn more about the people at the station. I wanted to explore them and was so curious about exactly what they were doing while David and Willa were away. And the more I thought of the story the more I felt it had so many different messages. It kept growing. It wasn’t just a story, but had many more layers, I felt. As the screenplay evolved, I quickly knew that it couldn’t possibly be done as a short film.

King allows, with permission, adaptation of his short stories into independent films for $1.  He calls them Dollar Babies.  The program states that the filmakers are not allowed to profit from the films.

Check out the whole interview here.