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Cemetery Dance Announces Shivers VII Including King's "Weeds"

From Stephenking.com:

Cemetery Dance Publications is proud to announce Shivers VII, the next entry in this award-nominated and best-selling anthology series!

In addition to the affordable trade paperback edition for general readers, this volume will also be published as a signed Limited Edition hardcover and a signed and traycased Lettered Edition hardcover, both of which will signed by the editor for the collectors!

Shivers VII contains more than 100,000 words of chilling fiction from more than two dozen of today’s most popular authors of horror and suspense including Stephen King, Clive Barker, Graham Masterton, Ed Gorman, Bill Pronzini, Lisa Tuttle, Kaaron Warren, Del James, Lisa Morton, Scott Nicholson, Bev Vincent, Brian James Freeman, Norman Prentiss, and many others!

Of special note to collectors:
“Weeds” by Stephen King was originally published in Cavalier magazine in May 1976 and in Nugget magazine in April 1979, but has not been reprinted since, although it was adapted as “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” for Creepshow in 1982.

“The Departed” by Clive Barker was originally published as “Hermione and the Moon” in The New York Times on October 30, 1992.

Featuring original dark fiction with a handful of rare reprintsShivers VII is available only from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Buy it HERE.



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Gaiman Interviews King in Cemetery Dance

The interview that Stephen King gave to Neil Gaiman in Florida will be published in this month's Cemetery Dance Magazine.  To be clear, this isn't a new interview, it is the one that was previously published in the UK Times and highlighted here on Discordia 19.

Buy it here for $6.00.

Just a few of the features include "The King and I" by Neil Gaiman, a detailed account of Gaiman's trip to visit Stephen King in Florida. Some of the topics they discuss include King's new novel Joyland, how King feels about Joe Hill's writing, why he wrote a sequel to The Shining, and why he's considering removing himself from the Dark Tower series on a future rewrite of the books.


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Free SK Art Print from Cemetery Dance

With any qualifying purchase from Cemetery Dance Publications, you will recieve a FREE Glenn Chadbourne Stephen King art print.

Anyone who preorders any edition The Illustrated Stephen King MOVIE Trivia Book by Brian James Freeman, Kevin Quigley, and Hans-Ake Lilja through the Cemetery Dance website during the FIRST WEEK of preorders can qualify for a FREE SIGNED LIMITED EDITION Glenn Chadbourne art print that will be signed by the artist! These would retail for $24.95, but you can get one for FREE with your purchase today! All you pay is shipping!

Get there fast.  Won't last long.


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Talisman and Black House Slipcased Set With Poster

Cemetery Dance is offering a really cool deal.  New hardcover editions of The Talisman and Black House, by King and Peter Straub, in a custom slipcase.  The books are the all new Scribner hardcover editions with new cover art, and a custom made slipcase.  Part of the special offer is an incredible artwork poster created by Tomislav Tikulin.

Included in this Collectible Set:
* the new hardcover edition of The Talisman, to be published by Scribner this fall ($35.00 retail value)
* the new hardcover edition of Black House, to be published by Scribner this fall ($35.00 retail value)
* a special Limited Edition Slipcase custom-made by Cemetery Dance specifically for this set. This huge slipcase will be sized perfectly to protect both books and the design features will include custom hot-foil stamping and the high production values of our previous Stephen King slipcases. ($29.95 retail value)
* an original full-size poster featuring original artwork by Tomislav Tikulin that is being commissioned by Cemetery Dance specifically for this set ($20 retail value)

Buy it from Cemetery Dance for $99 HERE.










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Stephen King's IT: The 25th Anniversary Editions

I was 13 years old when I first read "IT".  Being one of the first King novels that I read, and the fact that it scared the crap out of me, "IT" holds a special place in my list of favorite King books.  I love everything about this book.  In fact, I've re-read it many times.  King is at his best when writing about children, and those parts of the book are my favorites.  Pennywise the Clown is the ultimate King bad guy, scary, funny and the cause of some pretty cool nightmares involving clowns.

25 years later, Cemetery Dance Publications has produced a limited edition reprinting of "IT".  I purchased a copy of the signed, numbered edition (signed by King and the artists who produced the new cover and inside illustrations, Glen Orbik, Alan M. Clark and Erin Wells) and a copy of the unsigned, gift edition.  There is also a brand new afterward by King, detailing why he wrote the book.

Being a collector, I have many limited edition King books, from many different publishing houses.  Cemetery Dance does excellent work on their limited editions.  These are beautiful books, with a deluxe oversized design.  They are 7 inches by 10 inches.  The gift edition is slipcased with gold and red foil embossing on the brown case.  The limited is traycased in black with gold and red foil embossing.  The books themselves are beautiful too.  Full color wrap around artwork for the cover, by Glen Orbik.  

The inside pages are printed in 2 color, black and red for the regular pages and full color/black & white illustrations by Alan M. Clark and Erin S. Wells.  The signed edition has full color signature sheets, with exclusive color artwork.

These are some of the most beautiful limited editions that I own.  They are incredibly well crafted and designed.  The unique colored edge to every page, which has the page number and chapter name, is something I've never seen in a King limited edition before.  The books are huge and are made with incredible craftmanship.  They both are fine additions to any book collection.

The gift edition is still available for purchase from Cemetery Dance.