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The Dark Tower Companion

Bev Vincent has announced that he's been working on a new book called The Dark Tower Companion.

I’ve been a little coy about what I’m working on, but it’s time to announce my third book. The Dark Tower Companion will be published by New American Library (Penguin) in April. This massive companion is 50% longer than The Road to the Dark Tower. It covers not only the eight books of King’s series, but also the Marvel graphic novel adaptations. I interviewed King for the book, along with Robin Furth, Richard Isanove (colorist), Peter David (script), Jae Lee (artist) and most of the subsequent artists. I also, much to my great delight, got to talk with Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman about how they plan to adapt the series. Click on the image to see a full-sized version of the great cover by Spanish artist Nekro.

You can pre-order from Amazon, trade paperback or Kindle.



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Bev Vincent Reviews Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Bev Vincent posted a follow up to his recent article about Ghost Brothers.  This time it's a full review.

The show's staging, lighting and visual effects are all remarkable. When a character looks at a photograph, it is projected for the audience to see. As time ricochets back and forth, the years scroll backward and forward on the cabin's roof. Other text cues occasionally appear on the walls. Panels in the floor allow characters and props to emerge on demand. The actors do double duty as props crew. Though those who use the lover's leap are obviously jumping safely onto an air bag, the fact that they perform this ten-foot leap at all is impressive—and they have to do it several times. During the energetic dance routine—reminiscent of "Thriller"—that ends Act 1 ("Tear This Cabin Down"), the lights make the entire stage look like it's on fire.

To read the full review head over HERE.

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Bev Vincent on the Making of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Bev Vincent wrote a great behind the scenes piece on Ghost Brothers.

King and Mellencamp met for the first time in Florida in 2000. Mellencamp marveled at King's ability to weave characters and subplots into a whole. King suggested adding booze and a roadhouse to the mix, taking what was essentially a short story idea and turning it into something Mellencamp described as a fully evolved tale of Americana with a Tennessee Williams feel. They relocated the setting to Louisiana because it seemed natural to turn the story into a Southern Gothic.

There's a lot more over at Fearnet.com.


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A History of Carrie From the Book to the New Stage Adaptation

The always excellent Bev Vincent wrote a great article about the film and stage adaptations of Carrie.

These days, it seems like just about every film adaptation of a Stephen King novel is slated for a remake. Kimberly Pierce, director of Stop-Loss and Boys Don't Cry, is reportedly in talks to remake Carrie from a script by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa for MGM and Screen Gems. The script is supposedly "more faithful" to the novel than Brian De Palma's classic version, which came out 35 years ago. Yes, you read that right: 35 years ago. Hard to believe.

Check it out on Fear Net, News from the Dead Zone.