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Dark Tower Poster May Be Ready for ComiCon 2012

Pic From Lilja's Library

The Alamo Drafthouse, a fantastic movie theater in Austin, TX, runs a poster boutique called Mondo (no relation).  This year they are working on a Dark Tower poster, and possibly others including Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and Attack the Block. The Creative Director of Mondo, Justin Ishmael, recently sat down with Collider for an in depth interview.  Check out the article and all 7 video clips here.

The clip we care about, constant readers, is in the following video at about 3:30. Drew Struzan is currently working hard on his Dark Tower poster and hopes to have it ready by ComiCon.  Struzan will be there to sign the posters, if ready in time. They have to be approved by King first.  Do I even have to say that I need one of these?


The Scribner Edition of Wind Through the Keyhole Will Have No Illustrations.

Ms. Mod, the moderator of the Message Board over at Stephenking.com and King's long time assistant has announced on the board that the Scribner edition of Wind Through the Keyhole will not have any illustrations.

This sort of makes sense to me, considering the Grant editions have cover art and interior illustrations by Jae Lee, they don't seem to match the cover of the Scribner editon.

I posted recently pictures of both covers.

Grant Edition

Scribner Edition


Kimberly Peirce in Talks to Direct the Carrie Remake

Sounds like the Carrie remake is another step closer to shooting. Peirce is best known for directing Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry.

Read the exclusive full article from Deadline here.


A New Stephen King Anthology Project is in the Works

According to Icons of Fright, Mark Pavia, the director of The Night Flier, is beginning an new project with King.  It will be a yet to be named film anthology, based on 4 Stephen King short stories.

“Steve chose two of the stories and I chose two — the selection a perfect mixture of classic and contemporary King, a little bit of something for his oldest and newest fans alike.  It will be a true representation of his different personas, his varied styles and voices throughout the years.  Everything from the horror showman at his pulpiest to his most introverted and introspective character pieces, which can also be his most frightening.  Every single aspect of his personality will be represented, which as a filmmaker makes me extremely excited.  Not only will the film showcase Stephen King’s many different sides, it will also showcase mine as well.” 

The full article can be found here.

“From the outset, I had just one criteria: all the stories chosen had to be incredibly frightening and also have a supernatural bent to them, and he agreed with me.  This is a go for the gut horror show, make no mistake about that, and I can’t wait to bring it to life for his countless fans around the world.  Rest assured, I’m going to give all Stephen King fans what they want and what they deserve.”


What Did Your Grandpa Give You For Christmas?

According to this New York Times Article published December 16, 2011, King gave his Grandkids some very cool gifts.

But the coolest gift book this year may be the one Stephen King (at No. 1 on the hardcover fiction list with “11/22/63”) found for his grandsons. “I got them an omnibus edition of DC Comics’s ‘New 52,’ ” he said in an e-mail, “which contains each renumbered ‘first issue’ of the entire reimagined DC ‘universe.’ That would be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman et al. There are also minority and gay superheroes in the mix. . . . When I saw it, I kind of wanted it for myself. The thing doesn’t weigh 52 pounds, but almost!”

DC Comics: The New 52